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Why Your Business Needs A Website

These days, more and more business is done over the internet. It is the world’s largest communication medium, the biggest collection of information and data, and the most useful tool in the world for everything from business to social pleasure. Anyone with a business, no matter what it might be, is online. Our web design company Austin Texas can help you get discovered online.

In order to join this worldwide marketplace, you need a website. Websites are the cornerstone of digital marketing, the hub of customer interaction, a showcase of your personality blended with your business and the first step of expanding a local community business into a guaranteed hot spot.

What is a website?

A website is a collection of pages designated to a unique address that is accessible via the internet. You should know what they are – you’re on one right now. Websites collect and display information that the host – its owner – wants people to see. In this way, a website is like an additional storefront, but instead of taking up real estate it takes up space on the internet. 

Websites require ownership and permissions not unlike real addresses. These hosting fees go to the “domain”, the provider who manages the information digitally and allows people to access the website at all hours of the day. Websites are primarily hosted on servers along with thousands of other websites. Whenever someone accesses the website, their web browser is making a request to see the web pages which have to be accessed and sent to them. Websites can handle a lot more traffic than physical stores, but even with the internet there are limits. Those limits are just much higher than a physical area.

Anyone looking to do business today has a website, or will make use of an existing website like Facebook or a local community driven aggregator. However, having your own website gives you far more customizability and a way to present your business the exact way you want it to be seen. 

How do you design your website?

Websites can be designed in a number of different ways. As you can see around you, websites are designed around guiding a customer through the experience the business is capable of providing. They start at a home page, or landing page, where the most immediate information is accessible. From there, readers can go through various web pages that serve different unique functions which help inform them about the business and give them a higher understanding of what is being offered to them.

Our Web design company Austin Texas is about two things: making your business look good and giving your readers a positive experience. Looking good can be done easily. You can upload pictures, write articles and blog posts detailing how your business operates and even host videos which readers can view freely. There’s nearly no limit to what you’re capable of showing. The way you show it also matters. Many professionally designed websites account for user flow and traffic and focus on retention, the amount of time someone stays on your website without going somewhere else. 

Web design isn’t for everyone, unfortunately. It’s the same issue with making advertisements or banners or logos. Not everyone who owns or operates a business is creatively minded. They don’t know what customers will like, or might just follow their competition and do exactly what they do, which can end up hindering your own business by making it look like an imitation of another one. You need to stand out, but how can you if you don’t know what looks good?

Website hosts have already approached that problem. They want everyone to make a website that fits them, even if they have no prior experience. Hosting platforms such as WordPress offer templates and very simple to use form-based panels. All an owner has to do is type the words they want their customers to see and post. That covers text, and can cover images as well. Pictures can be uploaded and moved around for optimal placement on each page. 

WordPress is a good starter option that mostly focuses on simple, text-driven content. However, is it good for business? There are some additions that can be made that offer higher degrees of control over the many business apparatuses that need to be managed. Shopify is a storefront focused platform that can be linked to other websites. Businesses involved in shipping products and maintaining an inventory can use their systems to make online orders and purchases simple. They can even handle shipping for basic goods, all the business has to do is provide the products. 

Most websites are made using a markup language, which translates coded phrases into special text or appearances that are displayed correctly through the website interface. Many popular web hosts give users the option to skip the complex background coding work and focus on the graphics and simple methods of picking and choosing the content they want. This comes at a tradeoff, however. There are only so many templates that can be used, and with websites numbering in the billions its likely that some will look similar. A self-made website can only go so far. You can get satisfying results from it, but what if you really want to take off on your own? How do you truly stand out in the largest market space in the world?

If you choose to design your own website, know that the process has never been easier and you will likely be able to find something that you want. But that time could be better spent preparing your business to receive its share of internet marketing, or improving your workflow to accommodate for a new potential share of customers across an online market. As easy as template-made websites are to create and manage, a professionally designed website can do much better.

How to use your professionally designed website site to increase traffic?

Making websites involves understanding coding, graphical interface, and the aesthetics of the internet. It’s about turning a static page of pictures into a freely moving presentation that draws the eyes and activates an intrigue in the viewer. It’s about strategically placing links to web pages where someone is likely to click and make it seem like the experience is far more interactive than it appears. These are things that templates just can’t deliver. Likewise, these are things prefabricated buildings can’t quite deliver either. 

A physical business needs a place to stay, a standing brick and mortar storefront, with a shop in the front and inventory in the back. Many shops might look the same, but they’re all built to very specific blueprints. Shops made to look similar, like chains, are made to be familiar without deviating too much from a proven industry standard. These standards change throughout the decades, as can easily be seen with major corporations like McDonalds going from bright and colorful wide shaped buildings to the stocky, stoic, simple designs we see today. These designs were carefully created by experts who know exactly where the customers will look and what will draw their attention.

Your website should have the same care put into it as your physical store, even if you don’t have one. It’s like a dream house for your business, except instead of real physical material, your website is made of complex chains of code. This serves as the foundation, the bricks and mortar, and dictates the placement of all the aesthetic choices, the colors and images that put your best image forward to the most possible people. You might have a perfect view of what your website looks like in your head, but when you try to make it happen it comes out wrong. 

Hiring experts in web design cuts through the frustration and helps bring your vision to life. Professional web designers and developers have the skills to make your website stand out by collaborating directly with you and your business to make an outstanding website that is unique against the competition. They work with small and large businesses and can adjust to any environment. If you just want to extend your local presence, they can look into your competition in your home area, find out what the people are talking about on social media, and gear your content to their likes. If you’re looking to go broader, they can help with that too.

It’s fine to feel lost in the world of website design. The internet is a big place with limitless possibilities, and someone has to manage and sort through all of that to get you the best visibility. Stay communicative and ensure that your best vision is put forward for the world to see and a designer will help bring it to life. You’ll have the ideal digital storefront for your business without needing to take coding courses, learn color theory or practice art for years to get your assets just the way you want them. 

Ongoing maintenance and updates to your website

Having a website is just part one of the battle. Just like a building, websites need maintenance to keep them going. It’s not the same kind of patchwork or repairs that take up brick and mortar spaces, however. Website maintenance is different. As internet programs are updated, websites are expected to update with them, to incorporate new technologies as they become relevant and important. Once a website is designed and implemented, it is up to the owner and the business to keep it going. 

When something new enters the field of website business, it should be the duty of the website owner to inspect it and determine if it’s a good fit for their website. Things like new shopping program interfaces, security features and social media management can heavily impact a business and how they operate online. Customers expect to have the best services on any website they visit. So you want to make sure those services are available and functional when they visit.

Keeping the website running mostly relies on the service provider, so make sure you pick one not just with good rates but also with great customer support. First-time web business entrepreneurs can often get stuck if something goes wrong and their platform can’t fix it. It might result in taking the whole website down, or starting over with a new one – an additional cost in both money and time, and one which will undo all the hard work of gathering an audience in the first place. 

Once a website is stable, it needs to receive updates. Content updates guide SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, to make your website more popular. A store that never changes out its stock on display will look dead compared to a shop that has new things displayed every day, or even just every week. You need to be active to look active. Try writing articles about your business, how your business stands out, the process you undergo to ensure quality experiences for your customers. These can also be categorized as “blog posts”, which is shorthand for “web log,” a sort of personal journal published online. You can make it as personal or professional as you like.

Making all kinds of content is key to sustaining an online presence. Not just writing, but images and videos can help bring in new viewers and improve your SEO standing. The higher you’re rated, the higher up on search results you will appear. When someone uses Google to search for a business in your field, you want to be one of the first to show up, especially if there’s a local place they can find you at. Being in the same city isn’t a guarantee your business will be the first your community goes to if they have options that look better on screen. Keep your website updated, hire writers to help fill in the content void if you have to, or find professionals in the field that are willing to donate their words to your cause too.

Begin Dominating your competition

A website is critical to staying competitive. If your business has gotten by with just a Facebook page all this time, a website of your own will draw in far more eyes. Just consider if everyone who used your Facebook page regularly clicked through to a website, how much traffic would that be already? This goes for any standard social media presence. Having your own website is like having your own store, except the whole world can see it, not just the people who walk past on their way to a different destination.

With a professionally designed website and curated, personalized content you will stand out with the one important feature that can’t be bought: character. The most valued asset online, surprisingly, are the personal stories that people bring from their lives to the lives of others. Customers are looking to be influenced by those they can look up to or sympathize with. They want to share an experience you had and be a part of your success. There are countless impersonal, soulless internet businesses out there managed by boards and corporations instead of people. When viewers see that, they have to rely on something else to attach to, like a price or reviews, some other mark of quality because they can’t see the quality of the person behind it all.

Your most important asset in advertisement is You. The internet is the prime real estate for all small, local or up and coming businesses. You want your presence to shine through and be a vision that everyone can respect. This is how you compete with infinite choice, you give a choice that can’t be replicated. No one else can be you except for you, no one else can manage your business because it’s yours, and you can show all of that through a website made by you, and for you. Even if you don’t make it yourself. 

If you want to know how we can help bring you to the internet through a professional website, contact us and get a quote for professional services.

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